About us

Watch this short video to learn about why the Choice Medical Association was started and what being a part of this association can offer you.

Choice Medical Association is a non-profit trade association headquartered in Utah.  The chairman of the association is Dr. Paul Hansen of South Jordan.  The association is run by state of the art systems so none of the membership dues go to salaries, expensive office leases, conventions, or golf tournaments.

The purpose of Choice is to help physician members get into the best financial position possible, with the best service, at fair rates.

 A key part of the association is how we get all your advisers working together:  attorneys, CPA’s, financial planners, investment advisers, realtors, and lenders.  We use a state of the art financial planning tool called The Living Balance Sheet which records and prioritizes your financial goals.  As time passes, your advisers will automatically reach out to you as you are ready to complete your next goals. 


Mathematically Optimize Your Wealth Building

The vision of Choice Medical Association started in 2018 by Dr. Paul Hansen.  Paul’s siblings are doctors and he is an owner in a large ER medical group.  Every doctor he speaks with has the same issues with finances.  They have invested large amounts of money with other associations and have found that they get sub-par service and are constantly worried about high fees.  The only advice they got from their investment advisors was, “everything looks good, just stay the course.”  Physicians just keep scratching their heads thinking, “I know how to read statements.  Why do I need you?”

To compound the problem, physicians have difficulty finding good CPA’s and attorneys.  The CPA’s attorneys, and investment advisors never work together and often give conflicting advice.

Several years ago Paul found The Living Balance Sheet which helps you avoid the 4 pitfalls to traditional planning and prioritizes in easy steps the 4 steps to financial balance.  This system helps protect and build your wealth while paying down your debts in an optimal mathematical approach.