Attorney’s are an important part of the financial success of physicians.  By using the Living Balance Sheet you can get your attorney’s, CPA’s, and advisors all on the same page working together.

The Choice Medical Association attorneys will work with you in two main areas, business law and estate law.  

  • The association uses a state of the art online system to create your wills, trusts, power of attorney, and health care directives for a low price.  This isn’t some template system, because licensed estate attorneys are reviewing and approving all documents.
  • Our business attorney will make sure you have the correct business organization to protect you from lawsuits and overpaying of taxes.  He works directly with the association CPA’s to make sure everything is working together for your benefit.

Our attorneys charge a flat discounted rate for association members so you get the correct work done without being taken advantage of.

 Join the association today to get our attorneys working for you.